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    Hi Frank. I’ve had exactly the problem you’ve described below re the saving of data and the bug. I have the app loaded onto two identical tablets and it’s happening on both. (I thought at first it was a problem with the first tablet which was initially working well, so loaded the app onto the second a couple of weeks ago, but it’s also happening on there, too. Very frustrating when you’ve been through the assessment with the children and can’t even see their scores, let alone save them! As recommended by your team, I use the Acer tablets, model number B3-A30 Android version 6.0, internal storage. I am due to visit another pre-school next week to assess, so any prompt feedback would be very beneficial. Otherwise, I’ll have to cancel my visit. Also, are there any recommendations regarding age -related expectations/how many correct answers children are expected to achieve? How do we gauge if children are performing at a lower than expected level?