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    Some beta testers reported issues with saving data on their devices at the end of a test. If you have encountered a similar issue (or no issues), it would be really helpful if you could let me know. We have not yet managed to identify a pattern in this bug and we really want to squash it before you start using it for serious work. Please, drop me a brief note (either here in the forum or email the

    I am particularly interested in your device (Maker, Model number, Android version, internal storage only or internal and external storage (usually SD card)). You can find this information in Settings, at the very end under “About device” (or “About this tablet”, depending on your manufacturer). For example: “Hi, all is well. I am testing the app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Model GT-P5210, Android 4.4.2, only internal storage. Keep up the good work!”

    If you haven’t used the app in a while, give it another go before you get in touch with me, please. It might be that last system update you did that broke the neck of the app. You can judge a successful run if at the end you tap on the disk icon to save your data, the app generates and shows you a PDF with your fake results. If there is no PDF and no mentioning of a PDF to be opened in an external app, then your data is not properly saved (it’s still in the cache and can be retrieved, but don’t clear your device’s cache, should you have, against all odds, mission-critical data in there. If that is the case, get in touch and we’ll try to help you. Just put the device down somewhere safe, don’t look at it in a funny way or go near it until you’ve heard back from us).

    Anyway, your support in this matter would be greatly appreciated!