Funding and future directions

We’re excited about the success of our funding bid at the University of Chester. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities generously set aside £1,455 to support our further development of the app. Thanks to our beta testers’ feedback on their usage and device specifications, we have narrowed down what might be causing the trouble with writing the test output to the device storage. Part of the money will be invested in fixing this particular bug, as well as an issue on older devices where the low processing power resulted in the target image to appear first during test screen setup.

What’s next?

Once the bugs of the current beta version are squashed, we’ll take it out of closed beta and make it available via a public beta programme. New testers will no longer need to register their interest with us on this site and await confirmation, but can sign up directly on the Google Play Store to join the beta programme. As more users install and use the app, we’ll be able to track potential further issues.

Some of the funding we received is set aside for consultations on a cloud implementation solution, which will allow users to store their data online and synchronise it across devices. More importantly, users could share some test results with us (with parental consent!), thereby contributing to the construction of a database for norm data for specific languages/language combinations and age brackets. An implementation of this functionality is still in the distant future and depends on further funding. We’re currently working on an application to facilitate this as well as refinements of the currently used artwork.

In particular for the latter aspect, we’d be very grateful for user input on the current artwork for the items. When you run a test, could you also take a look at the distractors? For example, one of the target items is “fish”, but in one of the distractors there is a fish on a hook and a couple of fish in a bucket. That’s less than ideal, of course. If you spot other items, could you let us know via the user forum, please? We’re always happy to learn about language specific issues as well! Do you “comb” your teeth in Polish, which makes one of the verb distractor items not work? We’d love to hear from you!

A big thank you to all our current beta testers and their valuable feedback over the past year!
We’ve come a long way. Let’s keep going!